About Us

At ShareTagg we believe in proving convenience to our customers in selling their used clothes and assuring great value in return.  As a Start-up our focus is to have a social and an environmental impact by helping the local charities and preventing clothes going to landfill. We are promoting the reuse of clothes and want it to make it a new trend.

There are already so many non-profits and for profits companies working on recycling and reuse of clothes but still 85% textile is going to landfills. Convenience is one of the major factors for it.

Using ShareTagg service you will feel good and responsible for doing your part in helping the local charities and environment. Our mission is to educate people and make sure that everyone understands and values the importance of reuse and recycling of clothes.

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  • Sign up for your free account
  • Select a free weekend pickup at your place between 11 am to 5 pm
  • We sell your stuff to different resale stores to assure great value.
  • Items not sold will be donated to local charities
  • You receive reward points in 10 business days from Pickup date
  • You receive reward points in your Sharetagg account based on the amount received from selling your items.
  • Redeem your reward points for gift cards from your favorite stores (Target, Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks) or donate your reward points to a local charity. Donated reward points are displayed on the notifications page so you can see exactly how much you have contributed.

ShareTagg is the most convenient service to get great value for your gently used clothes and footwear.

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